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An explanatory book of the newest illustrations of acupuncture points

Medicine & Health Publishing CO
€30,00 €17,00

McMinn's color atlas of human anatomy

By Peter H. Abrahams
€140,00 €120,00

Self Healing Guide

Learn Self Acupuncture in combination with Herbs, Relaxation, Diet, Hydrotherapy Dimitrios P. Mangioros

The muscular system manual

2d edition. By Joseph Muscolino

The Well-Connected Dog

A guide to canine acupressure Emy Snow and Nancy Zidonis
€25,00 €10,00

Thieme Almanac 2008 Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

An annual review of all the aspects of Chinese Medicine in an exciting collection of articles from around the globe
€43,00 €40,00

Αυτοβελονισμός και άλλοι μέθοδοι αυτοθεραπείας

Συγγραφέας Δημήτρης Π. Μαγγιώρος

The patient-practitioner relationship in acupuncture

Profit from a wealth of experience in interactions with your patients! By Hammer