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Acupucture in practice

Case history insights from the west
€90,00 €83,00

Acupuncture,a scientific appraisal

Editors: Ernst & White
€40,00 €35,00

Basics of acupuncture

By Stux, Berman & Pomeranz
€30,00 €22,00

Clinical Introduction to Medical Acupuncture

An introduction to the theory and practice of acupuncture By Aung/Chen
€103,00 €100,00

Color atlas of acupuncture

Body Points - Ear Points - Trigger Points A wealth of information on acupuncture in a single pocket-sized text! By Hecker / Steveling / Peuker / Kastner / Liebchen
€40,00 €35,00

Medical acupuncture

A Western Scientific Approach By Filshie & White
€106,00 €100,00

Pocket atlas of acupuncture

By Hempen / Wortman Chow

Ο βελονισμός σήμερα

Ηλίας Ι. Κωνσταντινίδης - Ιωάννης Η. Κωνσταντινίδης
Από €90,00