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About Us

Our activation in the field of alternative mdecine began in 1990 with the establishment of out company, aiming to offer better and more direct service to our customers.

The experience and expertise that we have acquired in our course, give maximum reliability and quality to our products. Acupuncture supplies, electroacupuncture devices, electrotherapy, books, maps, models and other medical products are offered at competetive prices with the necessary guarantees.

In cooperation with the most reliable European companies (Sedatelec, Maja, Seirin, Dongbang) we achieved a strong market presence in medical equipment.

At the same time we stood with seriousness and responsibility towars patients' needs, caring for their best security.

We deem it imperative to continuously update our training in the field of acupuncture, ensuring an uninterrupted research and study as well as our participation in informational conferences.

We are looking forward to discussing with you your requirements in a collaborative environment which will be distinguished for its free choices.